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We seemed to get through the imprinting pretty well. He interacts a bit more with the scent box now. I moved on to the indoor box hides. He didn’t really seem to be getting it by just walking by them on the leash. He was just as interested with the non-target containers. He was wanting to play with any of them. I decided to make a game of it and we sat on the floor with all 3. If he started playing with a non-target box I quietly took it away. No correction. If he got the target box I clicked and rewarded and I also let him play with the box a bit. Before I set him up again. I think he is getting it. I’m not sure if that was right or not to go off script but he seems more playful and himself when I’m on the floor with him. Plus it was a bit easier to do more “reps” and get his energy up. I was planning on going back to walking past the boxes after he was successful with this “game”. Do you think that’s the right thing to try or should I go ahead and go back to walking him past them? I keep him on the leash so he can’t steal one of the boxes and play take away. He’s not quite at 80% yet probably about 50/50. I’ll try to get a video posted tomorrow. We are having fun!