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Hi, and thanks very much! Sophie and I live on Bainbridge Island, WA. She is a 2-year-old bicolor Australian Shepherd. Pretty much everyone thinks she’s a Border Collie until they notice she has no tail.

Sophie is very active and intelligent but a bit fearful of other dogs, so we thought we might give truffle hunting a try. It seemed like an activity she’d really enjoy without the stress of a bunch of other dogs in the same classroom. And of course we love truffles, too, so that’s a nice bonus for the rest of us! Sophie knows the basics: sit, stay, down, shake, stay, etc…. but she can be a little bit stubborn, so sometimes she pretends not to understand if she doesn’t want to do the task. (This is especially true with down and stay.) We’re working on it – we look forward to learning some new skills as well as reinforcing the old ones!