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Alana McGee

12/30 video

Tally really has a spark!

Consider instead of asking Tally to sit after each successful find to instead draw out the reward sequence and keep Tally engaged with you at source that way. You can do this with your butter/margarine containers, but after the initial alert/lie down, open the container and ask for a more precise behavior or nose touch on the truffle inside the container! It kind of mimics the amount of time it takes to dog some of these things out!

We understand the obedience cue and having it be a start routine (which you do do at the beginning as part of your hunt sequence when commencing) but asking Tally to sit in-between each one, after the finds, and after reward is an added command and is actually a more complex behavior and isn?t really necessary.

As you can see she is keen to continue on, ONCE she knows the reward sequence has finished. She is not a hyper literal dog who will need a cue each time to commence a hunt. She knows the game! She?s is also one focused pup, and as you can see in that video, has a tremendous amount of drive and skill for this, and asking her to stay put takes a lot of mental control for Tally. It also takes her energy level up as she is fighting impulse control, and for Tally we actually want her energy a tad down from that state, ideally.

Tally naturally works very fast! So work on keeping pace with her. It is looking really good though. Your connection and response to tally?s finding has improved over these weeks dramatically, and it is evident, especially in your reward sequences. You are doing a good job of marking and delivering treats at source 🙂

Again, Tally is very smart and will be an exceptional truffle dog just keep working on being more involved in a genuine reward and drawing out that process, and getting your ?knees? dirty.

It looks good though, and we are SUPER excited to see Tally progress. She is really fun to watch, and we really think she will be superb down the line.