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Alana McGee

You?ll be able to read the lessons & forums for a year a believe- it is the access to comments from the forums from us which will stop after this?. but you?ll still be able to see all the material.

The video form 12/17:
12/27 video

0:28- great! Good job using movement to reengage Tally there when she was asking you a question. Great job on the 3rd Repetition on the hide at 0:43 of getting down yourself and ?getting your knees dirty?. Being involved and engaged down by the source will be handy later, so try to start doing that more when you reward. Be genuinely invested in the reward. Eventually you?ll be looking in holes with her and you?ll have to be down there anyway, start practicing it now. Good job picking it up!

1:08 GOOD. Your delivery at source, and her response to it.

She is a smart cookie 🙂 and that tail. Love that tail.

What?s nice at 1:29 is though she interacts with it, it really isn?t a full alert- see if you can see the difference in her behavior between that interaction and the previous one.