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Alana McGee

First off, don?t worry about deadlines. Do as much as you can, don?t pressure yourself. We?re here to help you learn. It?s more important that you are relaxed as that will impact your training. Stress is our enemy.

I tried to watch the video but it says ?Content unavailable? Perhaps because it is on FB and we don?t have permission to view it? May have ot upload it to youtube, or Vimeo- or friend Kristin & I for us to be able to view it.

Clicker training (for humans!) takes practice. Don?t fret over the small stuff. If it happens again, just verbally praise Tally for showing interest in your truffles on the counter. Yes Tally, those are truffles, good girl, but you don?t need to reward ?perse? for that. The dogs will learn over time that criteria for a successful find is truffle in hand not truffle on the counter, or truffle on the dinner platte or in the fridge. It is situational, but we do want to mark and note the behavior, because she is not wrong. It is a truffle!

“Also, we?re a little unsure whether she?s sniffing every box and putting her paw on it in hope or because she ?gets it??.?

This would be good to see on video. Trial and error is part of the learning process, but we really need to see video on that to comment further. We can offer some techniques to help you, she is likely just fine, it is a matter of fine tuning and marking precise behaviors, but try to upload that to Youtube and we can take a look.