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Alana McGee


Good Tally- look at that tail. Love it. That will be a good indicator for you later I think.

Nice delivery and in general very good timing clicking on rewarding at source. At 0:27 when she goes back to the flower pot, reward again for that.

I know you guys have been practicing out in the field prior to starting this program, but if we were walking you through it as we would anyone from the beginning, we would say, build as much value as you can at the source. If Tally wants to be greedy and keep alerting there for a few seconds- let her, and reward her for that persistence. So reward each nose touch. It may seem excessive now, but eventually you will fade it.

When you clicked again in the 2nd time after the initial alert one you should have rewarded her again there. I?m just being picky 🙂 But the more you can get her to engage at source and stay there, the better!

At 0:37 was there a truffle in that box as well? based on you going back to it again, I am going to assume there was- Please correct me if I am wrong there.

So there were 2 truffles out in this scenario correct?

Same comment applies to the one truffle hidden inside the yellow margarine container. Tally re-alerted on it once. Try to capture those moments and reward those as well.

Well done though!