Reply To: FE520 Week 2 Discussion

Alana McGee

Hi Annie!

Slow down a sec, so we can catch up.

First off, we recommend you don?t actually start looking for truffles in the forest yet until you have practiced in forested environments with buried truffles. Again, set yourself up for success. We can?t stress enough not jumping the gun on this.

I know for a fact there are truffles in the Bay area. You don?t have to go hours north.

There are definitely Oregon blacks and whites up in the Eureka area in association with Doug Fir and Sitka, but there also are Oregon blacks (Leucangium carthusianum) in association with pinus/albies/ pseudotsuga in the Pt. Reyes area. You also have many white tuber species complex that do associate with tan oak and white/ live oak.