Reply To: FE520 Week 2 Discussion

Alana McGee

Hi Annie- you have lots of questions there and I will get to them all in turn (later this afternoon)- Just so you know it is coming.

Odor and scent are a massive topic and could be a course unto themselves. If we haven?t talked about it yet- I?ll go back through all lectures to confirm from 510 as well. Scent is something we touch on later in this course- this includes pooling, troughs, eddies, heat, cold, etc.

Take a look at the review from the first lesson and see the bit about anabatic & katabatic winds. That also applies to heat and cold. Scent most certainly does effect how truffles are found. Understanding how scent moves is critical for being able to set your team up for success.

I’ll go into this more later and get to each of your questions. I have a feeling this was material and diagrams covered in 510, but I’ll confirm.