Reply To: FE520 Week 2 Discussion

Alana McGee

I’m trying to get an idea of the conditions that truffles like to grow in and habitat indicators if any.

Are there indicators in your forest areas that clue you in to the possibility of truffles – other than specific tree species since truffles are mycorrhizal.

Where are they found in relation to the drip line of the tree?

Does the amount/type of ground cover help or hinder truffle production/locating?

Do they tend to be found on flat ground vs moderate or steep hillsides?

Do they tend to be found in lower areas of the terrain or close to logs or lots
of downed wood?

Do you ever find ‘fairy rings’ of truffles?

Are ‘fly clouds’ ever found over truffle areas?

Do you see a preference over fully shaded, partially shaded or sunnier areas?

Does the direction of the hillside have an effect?

Do you find mushrooms in general in the areas where truffles grow and if so are
there indicator mushrooms for truffles?