Reply To: FE 520 Week 3 Discussion

Alana McGee

Dr. Berch would most certainly be willing to help. Email me off the forum and I can introduce you etc. Our colleague Brooke north of the border also is a resource, and she may even know someone in your neck of the woods who has access to make it easier.

As a coincidence… I may be driving some over in the near future, and if I time it properly I may be able to mail some to you.

As for the Alberta Myco society, Contact them anyway. Most Myco societies don’t have much on truffles (posted, or otherwise)because, honestly, not all that much has been thoroughly explored in Canada, but that is changing. We KNOW they are there- in places folks never thought probable. Take Brooke for example. Brooke (and Dexter- her puggle) have in the last 2 years logged in an incredible number of species he has found in the herbarium in Vancouver. Not all are edible, but it is fascinating! I bet the Alberta Mycological society would LOVE to have you & Crick go out with them, and definitely can help you out and help ID things you find too.

Brooke may also start finding things soon and can send you send some. We are in the process of setting up our distribution network up there, but because of the lack of dogs (it’s growing though) it’s a bit tough with the cross border thing. Email me off line and we can chat about how to get you things!