Reply To: FE 520 Week 3 Discussion

Alana McGee

The oils are great and you’ll be just fine because they presents a wide spectrum. *With the caveat- and we talk about this later- that ideally you’ll work on some fresh or frozen at some point. We just like to be sure 🙂 (there are some different volatiles in those- but that is getting very science-y). Some dogs it is not necessary at all, for literal dogs, we absolutely recommend it.

We also are recommending to anyone Ashland southwards (down through Mexico) and Colorado east (including Canada- Alberta—> east– but we can’t ship truffles to canada 🙁 unless we may be able to get them to a university researcher…. ) that at some point they seriously consider getting some Pecan truffles, if not a more local species to train on from their local mycological society, such as Tuber canaliculatum. *technically (and I know I haven’t posted on this yet in the forum on Other US truffles)- pecan truffles are found everywhere east of the rockies.

The reasoning being that the white species found in these areas share some VOCs with Oregon Whites, but the white truffle species (and it’s a whole smattering of them) found in these areas are MUCH more similar in terms of VOCs to Pecan truffles. It is hedging your bets for success. The difference of sharing say 1/5th or an 1/8th of VOCs vs sharing 3/4th or likely more respectively.

There also are sandra possibly some orchards planted for Pecan truffles in California.

You’ll have both kinds of whites in your area Sandra, in different habitats. The Oregon white class more with your conifers (firs, pine etc), and the pecan class of truffles with native oak/ and even planted hazel (like on hazel nut orchards- for producing hazel nuts.)

I guess this is a long-winded way of saying that at some point Sandra, yes, it would be good to get some to work with. Fresh or frozen. But no hurry, at all. No one makes an oil of them as I know of yet, though a few fellows in Georgia are trying. And we may try now that we can get our hands on some- but making stable training oils/ edible oils is a pain!