Reply To: FE 520 Week 3 Discussion

Alana McGee

Ok- so for tracking. Here is our question to you Sandra- (bc it will be different with each student’s dog and HOW they track, ritual etc). You also do NW with Tippet so we aren’t as concerned, as he likely has them as separate activities.

Have you noticed Tippet following YOUR track when you have been laying the hides outside? It doesn’t seem that way based on videos we have seen. But we just want to be careful and not interfere with any tracking rules, because we are specifically asking you in this lesson to lay lots of human tracks. I frankly don’t think it is a concern with Tippet- but you let us know if you start to see him following YOUR track to where you placed targets. IF that is the case, then we have a couple of modifications to suggest to remove ‘you’ as much from odor game as is possible, and we wouldn’t want you to make lots of confusing tracks then.

We don’t want to interfere, confuse truffle games with tracking games, and if you feel confident now that he isn’t following you to source of truffles, we have no problem with you following the details of the lesson. BUT do let us know if you think he is tracking you to source.