Reply To: FE520 The nature of Truffle Oils

Alana McGee

Hi Alyssia.

If it smells “ripe” like you are suggesting then Yes, we would recommend that, straight away. You are in California after all, and it can be hot inside!

Usually it’s not an issue, but if you have space in your fridge to do that, it probably would be a good idea. When you say white and black q tips- you mean the q tips are white and black or q-tips for each truffle oil?

What I am interpreting is colored q-tips- each with the PNW solution on them, correct? If they are smelling “ripe” though- and you know rotten mushroom smell, yes, replace it. We don’t want to train Ashely on odor of decay. But how you are storing them otherwise should be just fine. If it continues to be an issue let us know and we can send more PNW solution.

*if it is Joel Palmer house Oils some of that may be the odor of the olive oil oxidizing- also not ideal to train Ashley on, but the volatiles we want will still be there. (Again why it is good to occasionally use the real thing- fresh or frozen at some point)

Strong and kind of gross is one thing (that’s how concentrated truffles smell- especially when combined in an olive oil- which is why we avoid using those in our own solution)- “ripe or down right rotten” is another. We trust you can kind of tell the difference especially because of your mushroom savvy background.

**By the way- trying to collect matsutake to make a training solution from it soon too! WOOO! Don’t have enough yet tho.