Reply To: FE520 Truffles and Allergies

Alana McGee

Hi Alana,

Thanks for the info. I had already checked the NAMA poisoning site but there was nothing there!
But sometimes, we hear of things that do not get reported.

For chanterelles, I have not had them tested, but I have had them from many areas and I still have
problems. I just limit how much I eat and I do ok.

So true, about only eating a little the first time and the ever popular ‘When in doubt, throw it out!”.
Or at least don’t eat it and try to save for id’ing with an expert.

When we first started mushrooming, I thew away a bunch of good edibles, since I wasn’t sure of the
id and I did not have someone close by to verify my id.

Just yesterday, someone posted some photos of some boletes he found, and asked it he could cook
them up for dinner. It did not appear that he even tried to id them. They were a highly toxic species.

When we do start with truffles, it will be nice to add you to our list of expert id help!!!