Reply To: Frozen Truffles

Alana McGee

Ah the white stuff had me scared! It’s okay- as I have said Burgundies get that way- the white mold LOVES them.

The curved edges are loss of moisture, yes. The question is odor more than curved edges. That by itself wouldn’t actually bother me that much. Cut those edges off and then smell the truffle- doing that should release more of the those tasty smelling VOCs. Does it still smell like truffle? Does it smell like mushroom, does it smell sickly sweet?

That piece is certainly “tired” but if you do a bit a creative trimming it can still be very useful. but eventually it will have to be “retired” from service.

The marbling actually still looks pretty darn good on those! That is one way to tell how fast they are decaying. Burgundy truffles, are one of the hardier species out there so they can last a long while being abused and manhandled in a way you cannot do with other species. They retain their trace (still smell strong to me!) VOCs for a long while- but at some point you’ll need more, and the VOCs do change over time a bit- hence why it’s good to occasionally work with new ones!

Those look ok for a while yet- but odor is really going to be the determining factor. If they are starting to smell “off” then yes, time for new ones. For class 3 we would suggest you have some newer ones.

Try cutting into it and see if that “truffle smell” comes out a bit more.