Reply To: Frozen Truffles

Alana McGee

Ah if you have access to fresh, I would use those! and then freeze them for training later after you’ve used a bit. If the truffles themselves don’t touch the soil they will stay in better shape (aka inside a tin or something)

Burgundy truffles hold up pretty well and are pretty hardy, but it will depend on the heat during the day when you are planting hides. The frozen pieces at the end of the day should still have that burgundy smell- nutty is ok. If they are too ‘mushroomy–(or gross!) i’d toss them.

Try when you are transporting them to have a mini cooler or freezer bag to keep them chilled with a cooling pack. It will keep them in better shape.

If it isn’t a hot day, you may be just fine.

If you have fresh though- they likely would be better idea. Do try to keep them in a cooler bag though so they stay happy, longer.