Reply To: Doggy Raincoats/ Body suits

Alana McGee

Wool Sources

I have had good luck with Wool Flannel, Wool Coating and Wool Gaberdine. good prices good prices, but make sure to check the fabric, sometimes it is not 100% wool. : Good source of heavy weight wool (WBM-211) : Good source for lighter weight clothing fabric, a variety of colors and about 20% shrinkage. Look at the Fiber Art section.…menu=f&fabric_type=1 : Good quality linen at decent prices. Just fyi.

Others: Army surplus stores ? wool army blankets
Good Will: wool coats ? good for smaller dogs

If you are using either of the first 2 stores, check to make sure the fabric is pure wool. To check the fabric you can Burn Test or Bleach Test ? or both.

Bleach Test
Take a 1 inch square piece of fabric and loosen the threads/fiber by pulling the material apart a bit. Place the fabric in a bowl of bleach 8 hours or over night. Wool will dissolve. If there is any threads in the bowl, they are not wool. Do not use the edge of the fabric as it may contain non-wool threads.

Burn Test

Fulling Wool
For fulling the wool, both heat and agitation are critical. I use hot and add boiling water and wash on the heavy cycle. Then dry. Repeat 2 or 3 times. To test the fabric, on a cut edge, try pulling the fabric apart. On well fulled fabric you can not do this. For our costumes, we slash the fabric and it does not fray despite lots of wear and washings. Water also rolls off for quite a while.