Reply To: Doggy Raincoats/ Body suits

Alana McGee

Another trick I have learned for dogs with coats like Tippet & Lo (aka curly waterdog hair):

*The courser curly hair kind it’s not as much an issue (I don’t have to use this on Luc who has thick hair that doesn’t mat/ gather debris…which I don’t know, but my guess Is Tippet has thicker hair- but Lolo has downy curls where tiny pieces of leaf/dirt cause matts)

Cornstarch. Sounds hilarious, but man does it work to prevent needles from sticking to her and matting. Kristin can tell you I have a big vat of it in my car and Lolo gets ‘starched’ each time before we go out- especially if it is wet. I put it on under her Cloud chaser. Mostly on joint areas/ exposed areas depending. It really does work wonders. When you “pet” her like that you may get a puff of white powder, but it keeps debris to a minimum.