Reply To: Doggy Raincoats/ Body suits

Alana McGee

Only thing about the life jacket I would be concerned with is bulk. I haven’t seen this one in person so it is hard to tell, and yes, you are correct, it does not protect the chest.

As for head/ eyes. Doggles are overkill I think generally for this, depending on where you are working. It isn’t worth being in places where branches are constantly at doggy (or human) eye level. For some speedier type dogs, yes it is a concern. I keep Lolo & Lucs hair longer on their faces during winter for this reason as it offers some protection from debris. Mostly we come back with wet faces and ferns stuck to their hair.

But if Tippet will work with Doggles on, great!

I’ll find some photos of heavy brush areas that just aren’t worth it so you can see the difference.