Reply To: Doggy Raincoats/ Body suits

Alana McGee

The other thing to consider is any protection your hunting harness might provide. This is one of the reasons we like the Julius K9 harness. It is a thick, sturdy harness that provides a bit of protection for dogs who aren’t wearing a jacket/ bodysuit.

I don’t use a coat while hunting with my Belgian Turvuren or Sheltie but they do get some protection from branches and barbed wire from the harness itself. My Border Collie, who is similar to Cricket, wears a Ruff Wear Cloudchaser and the Julius K9 harness. That combo has prevented some twigs, branches and barbed wire from cutting into her. Spring gets a bit tricky and we exercise caution so she doesn’t overheat.

Having something dry in the car is valuable, whether or not you choose a coat with therapeutic benefits. Keep in mind, on occasion you will bring your dogs out to hunt an area, then put them in the car for a bit before hunting again. A coat is never a replacement for warming up but it can help.