Reply To: Doggy Raincoats/ Body suits

Alana McGee

This will probably seem like a strange question – what would be the weather conditions you’d put a coat on your dog? Do you have your dogs wear coats anytime they are in the woods to protect them from sticks/snags?

Our older dog, Socks, is a husky/malamute/other cross and he has zero problems with cold weather. When he was younger he was happy to be out for hours in -5C to -10C (23-14F) weather; coats have never been something we’ve thought of.

Cricket doesn’t have the same insane double coat he does, and she is much slimmer – so this topic is making me think it would probably be worth considering getting her a jacket.

(I do understand for tick protection, years ago we went for a hike in Saskatchewan in late June and spent the rest of our trip picking over 150 ticks off of Socks – a coat would have been super useful)

Thanks guys!