Reply To: Doggy Raincoats/ Body suits

Alana McGee

Lois makes a very good point- and I urge anyone in Tick areas/ burr areas with long grass to get one. This applies to those of you in Nor California. Ease of movement being key as well.

I speak from one terrible experience last year on a set or orchards there. I can only imagine what it would have been like if we don’t have the coat on. Here’s a shot of what the Ruffwear Cloudchaser looks like on Lolo. We’ve found the ruff wear holds up pretty well, but kristin is right, nothing is completely snag proof, but it has protected the dogs from some unexpected hazards/ branches and things.

We also recommend a bright color if that is an option, especially if your dog is dark in color. It can be dark in the forest!
lolocartwrightTruffiere.jpg lolocartwr…iere.jpg (147KB)