Reply To: Doggy Raincoats/ Body suits

Alana McGee

We look for low profile jackets. Here in the Pacific Northwest the Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser works well for our dogs. While they are fine for the light rain in our area, they will become saturated in heavy downpours or when the brush is very wet.

Avoid fleece jackets.

We do prefer soft shell fitted jackets over the cape styles to minimize getting caught on branches and bushes. Nothing we have found is snag resistant so we budget for new jackets each year.

That said, it still boils down to fit and the environment you are hunting in. The form fitting Cloud Chaser doesn’t fill all of our dogs so we recommend selecting a few styles and try them on. Consider where you will be hunting. If there is thick brush, you will want a low profile option. If you will mainly be in open areas like orchards, most coats designed for active dogs will work just fine.

We often have a dry comfortable jacket in the car along with towels to dry the dogs off. In this situation, whatever is comfy and warm is fine. Fleece capes are nice for this. I have Back On Track blankets for the dogs post-hunting. I have also used the OBTRACK dog coats and like them for my Belgian Tervuren. Hurta makes some nice quality jackets for cold climates but we wouldn’t recommend using them in heavy brush.