Reply To: Harnesses

Alana McGee

We really like the K-9 julius. In fact I need to get some soon (I have also been trying various harness for the last 2 years- and so far, I like it the best- for all my dogs– who all have very different body types. Lagotto small & large, Aussie & mega-Labmix). The padded front one are nice too- just focus more on fit and ease of movement. Keep in mind because you will be mushrooming/ sticks, etc- about how many handles/ loops are on the harness. The harnesses I have currently are activedog police style harnesses that are pretty minimal but have a soft handle on top and allow for free shoulder movement and activity. It hasn’t gotten caught on much but I tend not to use it in heavy brush environments for that reason (unless I know there are tons of large logs/ hills and I either need to help Duff (he weighs 75- 80lbs) over things, or he help me up hills 🙂 )