Reply To: Pacific Northwest Truffles

Alana McGee

In reading more about truffles, for our area it seems there is a fairly large time frame
in which they can be found, i.e: late-winter to spring.

For many mushrooms location, elevation, rain and temperatures are big factors in when you will find then. Is this similar for truffles? If so, can you explain their effects?

Does the ground need to reach a certain temperature?

Do the days need to reach certain temperatures?

The other thing we notice with mushrooms is that for some species an area or patch of mycelium will produce 1 ‘crop’ of mushrooms for a week or 2 and other types might produce multiple ‘crops’ over a longer time period, upto maybe 4+ weeks – with the right weather conditions. Are there typical production or collection time frames with different truffle species?

I’m curious, because if you miss that prime 1 or 2 week period, you can miss the entire season.