Reply To: Pacific Northwest Truffles

Alana McGee

The basics on Oregon Black truffles (Leucangium carthusianum- previous described as picoa)


This species btw does is exist in Europe, particularly France, and possibly N. Africa (we are helping with some studies on this at present) but it associated with different tree species than here in the PNW. In the PNW (California gets lumped into this too) It is most common with Douglas Fir. Possible with other firs/ Pine (lodgepole possibly in Ca) but primarily Douglas Fir.

They particularly like being under/ in sword ferns. It is not uncommon, to find them knotted up near rootballs of ferns. They can (like all black truffles- this goes for you on East coast too- we will get to that species soon, on that forum) they can be REALLY HARD TO SEE in the Duff/ dirt/ hummus. REALLY HARD. This is why precision alerts are great! so are headlamps.