Reply To: Two Handlers (kind of) FE520 Discussion

Alana McGee

Hi Annie
We also have the video helper syndrome on occasion – aka ‘comments from hubby’ while training and it can be distracting. Sometimes I reply and I others i ignore him – he understands.

Tell Bill, it?s cool. We say it?s ok, and the ignoring him is encouraged!
This is actually perfect. You should be so focused on Ashley that sometimes, you don?t hear Bill! Your intention should be on Ashley, it?s okay if you don?t respond to him. Tell him we said so 🙂

Because your reality will be you & Bill in the field, yes, you should practice elements of that. because he is already around, filming you, physically present, this may not be such a challenge in some ways. We do cover elements of this in FE530- which is basically 2 person hunting. For now, it is mostly you doing the training it sounds like. For Bill (maybe more so than Ashley) but it depends how sensitive she is to pressure, it may be beneficial to practice some of the training scenarios and ?his? reward delivery to Ashley, so he and she are used to it. But yes, if you do this we would suggest you do it in scenarios that are relatively easy for you & Ashley, so Bill can work on mechanics and delivery. The two of you as handlers will be different, it just happens, but it would be good to practice as that will be the reality for you. Stick to easier scenarios though.

Multiple handlers can be confusing for the dog, but it really depends on how Ashley responds. Some dogs can go from handler to handler, many cannot. You have learned more subtle cues and behavior you take from Ashley?s body language, as you are the one interacting with her- Bill must now do that and build to the same level. He may ?see? it when you guys practice, but doing it oneself is a different matter.

Try and see how it goes. But again, easy scenarios to start with.