Reply To: FE520 Pecan Truffles

Alana McGee

For the black truffles- Pineapple is more right when you pick them out in the field, sometimes. I personally rarely get it except initially for the first bit. Floral and kind of fruity sure- but the pineapple is crazy! But I do smell it. Chocolate is more common. and then cheesy (which I actually do not like in Black truffles).

I forget exactly, but I also think Kristin think’s I’m crazy with the pineapple odor- but it’s what I get. I really want to find a food study and see if the active VOCs in Oregon Black Truffles (LC- is the short hand we use for Leucangium Carthisianum- as it is a pain to write out all the time 🙂 ) actually do match those found in pineapple. And then I want to do lab tests with the dogs on this 🙂 I am joking here, but *if I put a pineapple in a room- will Lolo alert on it*

As for you counter space:

you are 2 feet above tippet- (but it doesn’t matter- he knows it’s around)

So yes, it is totally context. My dogs often look at me or hang around when I’m cleaning truffles, in case I decide on a impromptu oops I dropped the truffle game- but they know it isn’t hunting.

This is actually why we want you to truffle hunt in a variety of environments. We don’t want a dog to just build context into oh, we only truffle hunt in the soccer field…