Reply To: FE520 Pecan Truffles

Alana McGee

That is actually really good to know Lois- Thank you for letting me know. The packaging is supposed to hold temperature for 36 hrs- but I hadn’t thought about odor absorption.

That’s awesome Monza was rooting around for it- Good girl 🙂

Duff did that years ago to me one year when I was making truffle salts for christmas gifts. He keep whining at me and staring at the large container holding a bunch of craft supplies (the salts where stored in there while I was prepping and cutting making cards etc), and I couldn’t figure it out. I was like, there is no tennis ball anywhere in this room, what on earth are you whining for! Then it donned on me, and I let him access to it, and was like A-Ha! clever puppy. Silly human.

So don’t be surprised if your dog alerts on your trash can 🙂