Reply To: Dog Treats of High Value (Discussion FE520)

Alana McGee

Well I use primarily the girls kibble at home for training. I feed the Fromm grain free and the size is very tiny so I can give Spring alot of it. I will also have lamb lung in the treat bag that is broken up, that helps infuse more flavor.

For very high value in new situations, cheese, chicken heart & beef heart (hearts are cooked and cut up). I also use Zukes Minis, but not sure if the formulation has changed since they were bought by Nestle, I had quite a large stock of it that has lasted me almost this whole year. When I can get them on sale I really like the Real Meat Jerky Treats as well.

I have seen the chicken jerky at Costco, but not the bison, will have to keep an eye out for that.