Reply To: FE520 Week 5 Discussion

Alana McGee


my other photo of Chanties didn’t upload. Those were ones I found, so yes I cut them- but ALWAYS ask for professional advice before you eat any wild mushroom until you are beyond 100% sure.

Also your myco society might have beginner ID classes you can take. The other thing is when trying a new mushroom species (AFTER it has been ID’d) always try just a tiny bit first and then wait a while, or a day to see how your body reacts. Everyone reacts differently to different mushrooms.

As Annie previous mentioned she actually can’t eat chanterelles really.

I, although it is considered a choice edible by most, cannot eat Pig’s ears (Gomphus Clavatus). So we always urge caution

And yes, ALWAYS when I’ding pull out the base, and some of the wood/ soil, duff- and if you know what trees were nearby that can help too.

Both chanterelles- see how different they look (they are different subspecies- but who’s counting!)

*Also photo of chanties and the very nice specimens of Pig’s ears from last year that made me sick.

*Also if we want to continue this- we should probably move it on to the uncatergorzied questions forum- and not clutter Questions about Week 5 lessons.
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