Reply To: FE520 Week 5 Discussion

Alana McGee

Good question!

Short answer:
It starts in January through April– with some shoulder time in Dec/Jan and April/May depending on weather.

Long answer:

For White truffle species found on Oaks- we (the scientific body) really have no idea. We suspect Jan through April & Sept- Nov- coincide with mushroom season in California, provided there is rain! I know some were found in September in Tahoe area, but that’s farther south and east by far.

Not all that much is known about California truffle productivity. One way to gauge would be a month after Chanterelles is really when they start going- but everything is subject to micro climate.

I know for a fact in March in Six Rivers, CA and Gold beach, OR just over the border in Doug Fir forests folks were finding Oregon Winter White Truffles in large quantities. Our guess is generally as soon as you have enough moisture- likely January through April- but december is Totally possible.

We suspect it is slightly later than here as the season marches down the coast.

For example- Prime White season here in Wa (generally) is Mid Nov-Mid Jan (but we find them until March)- in Oregon it is Dec-Jan, and by you it’s likely Mid Jan-March for “prime” season.

Black truffles, if you have enough moisture, could likely be found now, but realistically December/ January they would start. We technically find them all year. Moisture is the key. The truffles come in a lot heavier (as a general rule) after the bulk of mushroom season is done.

HOWEVER because you are in California, the mecca for growing just about everything, especially mushrooms of all types, it is very possible you could find them now and all year- each species.