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Alana McGee

Hi Annie- sorry for the delay.
Ashley was having trouble focusing so I manufactured a hide. She then tuned in and found a hide. We partied and stopped. Good thing, since she was done.

This is great Annie. We can?t emphasize enough the fact of stopping while you?re ahead so to speak and building value in the game and having fun! As that is what it should be, fun!

Sometimes, for whatever reason, Ashley may not be interested in playing. It could be due to hows she?s feeling or distracted, etc. We know you know this, but they are not machines, and that?s why we try to make it as fun and rewarding as possible- but we never force them to play the game- we just stage situations in such a manner that they want to.

Glad you manufactured a success, and it sounds like your parties are great 🙂

Your commentary is funny regarding Bill. 🙂

What we would even suggest you do in those situations is plant more hides than you intend on finding. If he is going to continue to be ?optimistic? but more out there and plan on not finding them all- but stopping as you have been doing. It sounds like you are really connected to Ashley in this regard, and that, is fabulous.

At this stage as long as the targets are more than 6 feet apart, we don?t have a problem with that- we just don?t want to cause too much confusion from different scent columns form when targets are placed too close. Also take a look at the terrain and wind direction and see if that could be impacting things- depending on where you start from.

Your plan sounds ideal. Well thought out and right on point.