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Alana McGee

So we’ve had a mix of hides the last few days. And hit some situations that were too much. So we are backing off a bit and working on building up again.

10/25 backyard am
rained in the morning, cool
3 buried 3 normal
30 min cook

Ashley was just not into it this morning. Not sure why. If it was a mix of the rain and the newly cut trees.
Also, there is now quite a bit more visible bird activity.

Ashley was having trouble focusing so I manufactured a hide. She then tuned in and found a hide. We partied and stopped. Good thing, since she was done.

We went inside after a while and did a simple priming game. She was not her usual bundle of energy.

Went to anOktoberfest, she had time to rest ! 5.5 hours.
We came home and she had some time outside with us.
I got my bag and she was ready to play!
She found 3 hides: 2 buried and 1 easy. and we ended happy. She was still ready to play more.

new place – park by the library
blind hide
targets were placed in too large of an area
Ashley found a hide in scoping out mode and did not alert. We were on leash and she continued to check things out. After a few minutes, I manufactured 1 hide and Ashley found 1 and we stopped.
In the future, Bill needs to be less optimistic.

I did an inside hide this morning with 6 targets to build value and boost up her alerts. All went perfect!


1. Going to go back to doing some hides in the house to building value and reenforce alerts

2. continuing with outdoor hidden hides where she is comfortable along with one buried hide (if she doesn’t find it – no worries).

3. Add using a long line in the backyard.

4. For rain: I need to bring hides back to simple and build.

5. For new places: I will keep the area small and place the hides myself with easy hides.

I am just about done stacking the ~2 cords of logs and cleaning the little stuff so the yard is less distracting= more back to normal. The huge change in the yard along with the rain was too much. We might get rain on Friday, so I’ll be able to see if rain is an issue.

Does this look reasonable?

Alana, Kristin, Thanks again for all your help!