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Alana McGee

Not yet with mushrooms. The latest report is that boletes are coming up a 4 hour drive north and we have not
hunted that species there. It’s a weekend trip that we don’t have time for.

Our normal area for boletes down here is still crispy duff. 🙁

I have thought about using normal button mushrooms from the store and rubbing them with our dried mushrooms, but then I’m mixing scents with something that we have not found in the wild. I’ve seen them once, at a class, button mushrooms, Agaricus bisporus, were collected at Yuba pass with horse manure.

Speaking of class, Matt Smith our class ‘Squirrel’ (the guy I hung out with digging for truffles of any sort) is speaking at the next Oregon Truffle Festival. I’m guessing you must know him.

At this point, I’m thinking of adding a mushroom that we will be collecting in December and I have lots of dried and they reconstitute well as whole bodies.

We need rain!!!!! Until then, we will continue as best we can.