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Alana McGee

You nailed her. Her initial digging does appear that she is looking for more targets, then it becomes self-rewarding/play. When I was digging sprinkler lines, she was right there with me. She loves to dig – she is a puppy! 🙂 I will get the target and lure her away for the party. I have noticed when she checks old holes, it’s a quick sniff, but no digging. I was not sure how to deal with the digging. This is so helpful!

We really like how Callie plays ball, but we have not played ball with Ashley like that, yet. Future plans. 🙂 On November 1 & 2, is our Building Drive & Motivation seminar (including how to play) with Denise – so that should be really helpful.

I will follow your plan. It seems perfect for where we are. I will hold off on deeper hides. I like the mix of easy and buried – it works well with her. I will increase the number of buried hides and keep them at 1″ and spaced apart. We have stopped before when we have had a great find or I can tell she is getting close to being done. I need to get better at that. Right now 5-6 normal finds is just right and doing to 3-5 finds depending on the mix of normal/buried is good.

We also had a bunch of trees removed on Monday, so a good portion of the yard now looks like a cedar logged forest. Smells great – but a huge distraction. Ashley had a chance to explore it on Monday and Tuesday before we tried a hide The yard did add some distraction, but I just let her work and search as she was comfy. I avoided hides in the area with lots of downed material. I know it was hard and engaged with her when she asked. She found 3 easy targets, 1 buried at 1″, 1 under about 2″ of duff with a 30-40 min cook time and we ended on a great find. It took a little longer than normal. But considering the yard, it was a great session. We left the last buried target to be found later in the evening. We will try another session tonight with the new plan!