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Alana McGee


My post to you just got erased… ugh.

Ok, to briefly summarize again:
I’ve noticed if Ashely can not get close enough to a target, her alert changes to pawing.
She only gives a down when she can really do a paw touch and has room to lay down.

This is common, just be aware of the situation in the field, she may offer a variety of alerts based on environmental factors.

It looks like you guys are doing great and are right on track. Your observations about your behavior as a team seem very astute, and your training plan looks good. Did you have specific questions about the training? It sounds like you guys are doing great.

Just remember to not try to go too big too soon in terms of area. slowly build, and always have that extra target on you so you can manufacture success if you want!

Your yard is full of fantastic hiding spaces with different elements. It looks like a great environment for a variety of searches. It also offer you a lot of different environments to hide targets to start building Ashley’s confidence even more, and yes you are right, remember to trust!!