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Alana McGee

Hi Alana,

I wasn’t sure where to post. I will put questions like these in the general area
in the future.

Thanks so much – this is really helpful.

We’ve had horses so we are used to using body language and being quieter
and most dogs do so much better at reading movements.

I have run into some issues with body language this weekend, but we worked them out. More details in my hide reviews.

Verbal Commands
Thanks for the ideas on commands. They are helpful as we are continually
working on new commands in general. I love the ‘trailings’ command. My husband says following behind me is a great place to find mushrooms. lol!

We will continue to let her find hides without any directionals.

Reward Try
When Ashley is close to a target she is very focused on the scent. I’m not sure
she would even notice me talking. I will let her continue on her own unless she looks for reassuance. We have been watching how she reacts very closely.

For picking down time
We will have her tug-tug and a toy.
Ashley has a ‘free’ command, we can use that a have a mat she can relax on with a toy for ‘off time’. I really like the idea of removing the harness, especially when will be stopped for a while.

New scent
December is when we would consider adding a new scent, so we have time.

Miss Finiky eater
Amazingly, many times she prefers kibble over wet food.
We have tried a number of wet foods.

For training, away from home, treats were a big issue.
The following did not work: hot dog, cheese, zukes, man others.

Then I spent a day making treats: tuna fudge, liver brownies,
smoked beef heart, smoked beef jerky (just a little garlic),
and smoked beef-liver jerky – I now have treats that get her attention!
Progess one super tasty treat at a time! 🙂