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Alana McGee

Hi Alana,

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully we will get some rain and there will be some
mushrooms to find and use for training at home. Right now I am using dried mushrooms
and I know that when we get fresh, we will need to do some scent imprinting sessions
with them. I am going to try making some oils, from what I have researched, canola oil does
not have a strong scent.

Wonderful idea on the foresty items for distractions. I have no problem with deer poop, bear not so nice. We also go to a local park for basic training (not scent) and the goose poop is a big distraction in the beginning ? the fresher the better! So I will go slow with that.

I just got a harness just for mushrooming so I will start adding that to our warm-up.

Thanks for the changes to our outdoor session order.