Reply To: Bio Sensitivity

Alana McGee

I have lots on this, just haven’t had much more time yet to respond.

This isn’t quite what I would classify as under biosensitivity and we should create a regulations forum, BUT As for your harvesting of truffles/mushrooms in Tennessee. (I’m actually currently at a NAMA foray with some folks from Tenn. and I will ask them for resources) Generally, truffles apply and fall under mushrooms in terms of harvesting. Whatever your mushroom allowances are, truffles will be too. If you get gallons of truffles ( a standard allowance for nation forests) lucky you!!!!

The exceptions to this (that I know of off the top of my head- this is limited and needs updating*) are in:
Oregon–specific legislation regarding truffle harvesting
the UK–The magna carta covers above ground fruiting as being able to be harvested anywhere, but not below ground- and truffles are below ground, so it is a little bit of a grey area- but technically you need direct permission of land owner if it doesn’t classify under the Magna Carta
Austria– Specific rules on which forests for mushrooms at all
Italy– Harvesting is incredibly regulated (by species) to permits and dates and times for each precinct/ town/ municipality. And I think there are also limits. You also have to use a dog.

There are more, but i’ll save it for that forum!