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Alana McGee

We had a very nice session this afternoon and I was very very happy with the boys 🙂
Both boys got their own spot and were not distracted by the other search area. First was Vidoc’s turn and then Esprit’s.

Environment: grassy spot with some bushes and young trees belonging to ABB (company in my neighborhood).
Time: around 4:15 – 4:45
Conditions: sunny and dry but due to all the fog and heavy rain on Wednesday the earth was very wet. Hardly any wind.
4 pieces of fresh truffle (found 1 week ago), wrapped in paper towel, holes about 2 inch deep, covered and marked.

And like Vidoc I worked on Esprit’s alert as he offered me a bow and then lie down plus nice nose targeting. Today Esprit was not tempted to munch on the truffles. I think he likes the very fresh ones much better 🙂 We’ll see 🙂