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Alana McGee

Today I did a search mainly geared at Vidoc cuz of the struggles with the new truffle. However I slacked with Esprit’s search as I used the same hole. For starters I missed one hole and Vidoc “contaminated” the area with his scratching and kicking the truffles behind him.

Lesson learned: don’t be lazy, rather skip one dog’s lesson. He did find 3 out of 4 truffles, got stuck on that one hole where there was a truffle. Instead of dwelling over it I just got Byuti out so she could work too (she always gets her session too and is very good and reliable – talking about a rock star).

For this week we should work on refining our alerts. Esprit likes to dig first, then bow and nose touch the truffle. However when I am using a piece of truffle wrapped in paper towel he is quick eating it. I can go back to work on these behaviors. But then when we go out into a new environment… how to address that there?