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Alana McGee

It may be that Esprit thinks they are yummy (that can happen), it also is likely he is just really excited! That can happen when dogs are pumped up and down the hatch it goes! Not the end of the world. Luckily for you, your truffles are bigger, so that is going to be less likely very easy for him to do when dealing which real, whole truffles in the field.

I have found of my dog who has a proclivity from excitement & and honestly likes to eat certain Oregon Black truffles, that most dogs don?t like the mouth feel of Burgundy truffles as they are pokey with all those pyramids on the outside.

The videos are awesome Rachel. Really good. Esprit did great and has settled into this searching really nicely!

This is a much better ending with toy.

Second video- also both of you, rock stars. Really good job on coming in on the first hide. We know he is excited and speedy but your energy matched really well and you were very on top of it!

We really like the way he problem solved at 1:14- and also good job on your part for stepping back and giving him some more room to work. You never know- you could be standing right on top of a truffle!

Over all, again, really good. Rock stars, the both of you!