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Alana McGee

I took Esprit’s toy with me last time but placed it by the camcorder. I didn’t want it to stuck out of my “butt’ on film so to speak. So today I had it on me each time. You are right it’s a nice and clear way to end a session plus very rewarding for my dogs!

Today we did two searches. The first one was by the edge of a forest. I worked both boys in the same area but their search areas were apart. Neither Esprit nor Vidoc crossed the other dog’s area on the way there and back.

I was nicely surprised how easy it seemed for Esprit. The thing about Esprit is that when the Universe distributed self-control Esprit was hiding away as he must have stolen something edible. Dear Esprit came with zero self-control, I have never had a dog like him in this department. To this day I don’t know should I laugh or cry 😉 Esprit realized truffles are yummy. As a puppy he found every chewing gum in the woods, unbelievable. Now this is working for us as he really wants to find those yummy truffles. I have to be quick to trade them in with cookies.

I did the second search because Vidoc struggled with his search earlier in the afternoon. Because I used the same holes I let Esprit search first. It’s a grassy patch behind the soccer field and we cross it every morning.

Holes were about 1″ deep and covered. Windy conditions (more during the first search). Holes were marked in first search but not in 2nd search.