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Alana McGee

Wrapped in papper towels is fine- and we suggest you remove form paper towel and change paper towel every couple of days. If you want to prolong shelf life, dip them in vodka every few days. It sterilizes the outside. Burgundy truffles LOVE to attract this white mold that grows on the outside. Harmless, but you wouldn?t rather have it not all over your truffles. It is normal, and ok. Don?t worry-it?s just something burgundy truffles do.

Again, Good job. Not a lot to say. Nicely done. You did a good job keeping the targets not too far in the brush but on the trail, slowly increasing that difficulty. We noticed they are on the opposite side from Vidoc?s, and he does then go to Vidoc?s holes on the way out.

One thing we might recommend, for Esprit?s sake more than Vidoc, is you give Esprit a clean search area to work in- and try to perhaps work the dogs in different areas. So slightly farther apart.

Well done though.

Also- no toy when ending? We know it?s a pain to carry supplies into the woods- but we think it is a good way to keep Esprit engaged all the way out, and also acts as a ?all done!?

You do do a good job of staying engaged on the way out with him- but it?s another thing you can use if you want.

Overall great! How deep were these?