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Alana McGee

I got my new truffle today and boy what a difference it made! This truffle is from my herding instructor?s yesterday’s hunt.

We were practicing in new environments this Friday and Saturday using vials and an about 5-week-old truffle that I thawed and re-froze for quite some time. Our Friday hunt – in a bit high and very wet grass – was pretty decent; I marked each vial with a pink ribbon so I felt confident. But after I got home I forgot to put the truffles back into the freezer and let them sit around for quite some time. So when I when I used them again in another new environment yesterday both Esprit and Vidoc found 2 out of 3 vials. I couldn’t smell truffle scent either.

In hindsight I even think my new truffle smells a lot more of truffle than the 2 previous ones I bought at the local market. Anyhow I now have a great truffle source!

Is it okay to store the truffles wrapped in paper towel in a glass jar in the fridge for about 2 weeks? I don?t mind getting rid of the truffle then and buy a new one (my agility and herding lesson are more expensive than one truffle).

Below is a picture I took this afternoon. My herding instructor, the lady who sold me the truffle, told me to cut it into pieces and wrap it with paper towel. Because it’s easier and even cheaper for me to buy new truffles vs. getting new small containers I gave it try. With Esprit I have to be quick he seems to like eating them (Esprit LOVES to eat).

I know we shouldn’t go into the forest. But it was another beautiful Sunday afternoon, tons of people out and walking, just got yelled at by an angry woman (I still don’t know why as I was on a path) yesterday so I just opted for something behind my house that is quiet and provides me with the necessary peace to search 🙂

All three truffles were buried and again marked with a pink ribbon. However Esprit traced Vidoc’s empty holes so I don’t think he used his eyes to search (rather to scan for deer).