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Alana McGee

Thank you Kristine! I am very happy with Esprit (and Vidoc too) how he works so hard and knows what I am would like him to do. I have to give him more practice with buried targets though.

Yes the last truffle was a vale Esprit kicked away and dislodged it so he went through the whole search again to locate it. Because of the color of the vale, the leaves and grassy area Esprit used his nose to find it again and I couldn?t see it either.

Esprit actually located 3 more vales later when I took all dogs out again. I agree he (and me too) needs more confidence with the buried truffles but knows what it?s all about.

When you say ?keep the search area small? how can I do that? I can?t use the grassy area behind my house every day due to contamination. Then the soccer field is often not available because kids are playing soccer.