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Alana McGee

Thanks for the great feedback!

I am not digging deeper holes! For the boys the added difficulty is mainly the kind of soil that I am using to cover up the holes. So I will play with that challenge, trying more packed soil and let it cook more.

“Poor” Esprit… I made him work extra yesterday. After Vidoc’s session he got to do the same one. While the holes might be less covered the area is more contaminated. But the trouble was I collected all 5 targets, put them in my pants, and was dead-set convinced we only did 4 targets so far. Duh!!! Esprit was brilliant and helped me look for that “missing last target”. At some point I realized this is taking too long, Byuti can “clean up” and I did the “rescue target” to end the session with a successful find for Esprit. And then I discovered he got them all. But I guess this is a bit more real-world scenario where I am like “just one more”. I was very very happy how eagerly he helped me finding it. And I was trying too, inspecting the holes he already worked on.