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Alana McGee

I don’t mind at all your suggestions and great feedback. I like the nit-picky parts! I am here to learn and you are so nice and generous in pointing out what we did well too! So I am always looking forward to what you have to say and take your recommendations!!!

I think the boys “track up” in one of the fields behind my house is because we walk there up nearly every day for our walk in the woods. But tooday I just started them from a point so it was clear to them not to walk up.

Esprit was great how he handled distractions in our session this afternoon. A beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, people going for walks and the neighbors were out. So it started with the “neighbor from hell” whom you hear talking to the camcorder. He used to send me letters through his lawyer about imaginary dog howling during times I was home. But this Friday he came to me and thanked me how quiet the dogs are now. Needless to say I was irritated on Friday (he managed to disturb a search with Byuti in the dark) and today again when he clearly saw me working and the camcorder was one. Let’s hope we keep up the freedom LOL but one always has at least one weird neighbor, right?

But back to Esprit and all the distractions thrown at him in this session. I tried to handle the distraction with the neighbor as I would in a real life scenario. I.e. trying to acknowledge the person so they know I am busy working my dog. Then later a neighbor’s kid biked behind our back up the field (not very well visible on video). And plenty of people walking by (not very visible again). I really think he did a great job.

As suggested I did more hides and buried 5 targets. 2 were about 1 meter apart and another 2 were only 1 foot apart. Maybe the holes could be deeper as it seemed so easy 🙂

Vidoc did the same search. It took him a bit longer because a) he is methodical about his searches and b) he kicked the targets away with his digging and I made him search them again.