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Alana McGee

[quote] Failures are learning opportunities so today I was confident that Esprit could find all hides.[/quote]

🙂 We talked about this a bit for other students on your thread for Vidoc. But good way to handle it!

Beging distracted happens, whats superb is how he re-engages.

Re:Esprit and the being quick in. Glad it makes sense. It is one of those very subtle things, (some call nit picky- we call enhancing performance!). He?s just slightly different than Vidoc so ideally you?d be a little different! We are being like Olympic gymnast coaches here (if I can draw a parallel. it?s the tiniest of variations that make that edge above and beyond 🙂 ) You?re doing AWESOME we just want you to be even better!

I can already tell off the start line you are moving more. Good. 0:22. AWESOME. you know he?s right there (He?s not concerned about you approaching- and that?s why we can say these things about you anticipating the find etc.) This looked excellent. Also good I heard your voice higher pitch a bit even though you hadn?t read the comments yet 🙂

***Other students- please do not move in as quick like this unless your dog is either okay with pressure or so focused on source they almost ignore you. Some dogs (Not Esprit) are much more sensitive to handler pressure rushing in, and will back away from a find. Just be aware if your dog does this, don?t come in fast.

Esprit actually does an awesome job with the distractions. It?s ok. It?s about how he reneges, but this was good for him I think! You have great communications and instincts on how to get him back into it, no doubt from much of your previous work. We aren?t worried about it in this scenario. This actually makes this an even better place to practice for Esprit because OF those distractions and having him work through it.

We can see him go in and out a bit being drawn off, but that is ok! For him, this is good to work in these environments and get more used to it.

Likely where you will be hunting will not have this level/ kind of distraction- it will be more odor/ small game, but you never know! (I did notice both Vidoc & Esprit) track up that hill a bit out of frame-not a bad thing- just noticing. Unlikely truffle odor.)

Again, you do a great job on the next find with your composure and timing while he is hunting. It really is exemplary.

EXCELLENT presentation of play at the end. That was really good.

2nd Environment
2:26 I LOVED this. Not only his exuberance bounding back over the log barrier and then ?OH!? (*finds scent column) but your response to it. I don?t know how often we can say phenomenal, but this was it. You do FANTASTIC with your approach here. It is a notable difference. And awesome. It?s really really good. He?s more animated about it. We like that.

3:22 his reengagement is great.

You?re much more enthusiastic with this round. This is excellent. It is noticeable in behavior, however subtle and makes it more engaging for him. In the long run in the forest, it will make a difference against distraction as well.

Again, nice presentation of toy.

Well done. Looks excellent.

If you can- start doing additional targets.

The other thing (and this is advanced) but what we are curious to see what happens is if you have two targets in close proximity. Not right on top of one another, and we don?t want to make it too confusing since you just started burying- but if you get to three or more targets confidently (remember they don?t have to find every one!) Try putting two targets within say a meter of each other and then slowly decrease the distance to about a foot. Don?t put all three there. (in fact this works better if you have 4+ targets out in general so you aren?t urging/forcing an alert on the two targets that are nearby one another.)

IF you do this- do not go any deeper than a inch, and do it in the areas you just showed in these videos, and remember they don?t have to find all of them. We just think they likely could do this just fine- but it is more complex, so just be on your toes.